Mental Health Treatment

1 in 4

people experience a common mental health disorder at some time in their life.

Introducing the mental health services pathway with specialist provider Onebright, the largest provider of outpatient mental health services in the UK. Everyone knows someone who could use a little help or support and this new service ensures all members have access to the right mental health treatment wherever and however they need it.

For more information or to discuss any immediate needs contact the onemedifund helpline. 03000 70 70 70 (Option 1)

Contact the helpline

Fast access to mental health support

Together with our specialist provider onebright, onemedifund provides members with direct access to specialists that will provide the support you might need for your mental health when you need it. What’s more there is no need to see your GP to access care.

What is covered?

If you or a loved one are experiencing problems with work, depression, self esteem, anxiety, stress and panic disorders, OCD, or PTSD then contact the onemedifund helpline to explore how onebright can help you today.

Accessing the service

Appointments can be made to see a therapist either face-to-face or online via video link or by phone.

1. Issue

Mental health issue experienced.

2. Referral

Contact onemedifund helpline for referral on to onebright. 03000 70 70 70 (Option 1)

3. Case manager assigned

This is a personalised “concierge service” providing a single point of contact for communication & support on queries.

4. Assessment

Telephone/video call with specialist assessment team to recommend treatment and pathway. Includes a chaperoned consent process for young people.

5. Treatment

Online CCBT, remote or face to face therapy, psychiatric assessment and in-patient admission.

6. Recovery

Agreed goals achieved, recovery demonstrated and your experience rating collected.

To discuss your options and the next steps call the onemedifund Claims Helpline: 03000 707070 Option 1.

Contact onemedifund

About onebright

Onebright is the UK’s fastest growing provider of mental healthcare treatments that uses digital technology to accurately assess, triage and match people to one of a network of over 3,000 clinicians to personalise therapy so it is more effective, helping people feel better, faster.

Different mental health problems affect people in different ways, and it is key to understand an individual’s experience. Onebright’s diagnostic approach tailors support for those most at risk to help target interventions based on need. Over the last 20 years, they have built an unrivalled reputation in connecting individuals with the highest quality therapy. Helping people to cope with stress, disorders, and emotional problems by looking at the connection between how you think, how you feel, and how you behave. Therapies such as CBT is always changing by what is called “evidence-based practice”. This form of psychotherapy regularly updates in line with the latest recommendations from the research suggesting what works best.

Working with onebright onemedifund can offer a seamless mental healthcare pathway that combines leading edge digital tools with quality clinical consultation.