As part of our new Xavi health & wellbeing focus, onemedifund supported some very successful school sportsdays again this year.

Building on the success of last year, onemedifund contributed to over 20 school sportsdays this summer. From Grangemouth to Exeter, all the events were extremely well attended by participants and spectators. The efforts and achievements of the young athletes was fantastic and great times were had by all.

The sportsday support was the first initative for (and introduction to) our new Xavi Health & Wellbeing programme. Since then we have also very sucessfully launched the Run Xavi Couch-to-5K challenge and the Eat Xavi Focus school lunches pilot (more details of this coming soon!!)

A lot of photos were taken of the pupils running, jumping, milling, huffing, puffing, winning, celebrating and smiling!! Unfortunately, due to the number of participants we were unable to get formal permissions to show all these images. However, we are putting in place a new process so that next year we can upload a gallery of images to this site.

The onemedifund team would like to say a big thank you to everyone that assisted at the events, from handing out leaflets to putting up banners. And we look forward to our 2016 sportsday support being even bigger and better.