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What's your plan...
when he can't wait 6 months
for a hip replacement?
Choose the date of your treatment on Gold & Silver plans


What's your plan...
when the GP says a course of
physio would help her back?
Outpatient treatment on Gold, Silver & Edge plans


What's your plan...
when she needs an eye test
and some new glasses?
Optical & Dental is available on Gold plan


What's your plan...
when he gets that pain in
his knee each time he plays?
Diagnostics and Scans on Gold, Silver & Edge plans


What’s your plan?

Whatever your age, lifestyle, marital status, personal or professional circumstances, with Gold, Silver and new Edge plan, onemedifund has a private healthcare package to meet all your requirements.
Find out which onemedifund plan is best for you and your family.

Gold plan

Comprehensive healthcare

Gold is the premium onemedifund plan offering a comprehensive package of healthcare benefits at a competitive rate; including dental, optical and cover for your eligible pre-existing conditions.

From £84.43/month*

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Silver plan

Flexible healthcare

Silver is the ideal plan for business owners wanting to protect the health of their employees, or households looking for a lower cost healthcare choice. The Silver plan does not include Dental and Optical.

From £58.04/month*

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Edge plan

First step into healthcare

Edge is where the latest innovations in personal healthcare and health & wellbeing meet; combining essential private outpatient treatment and online private GP consultations with the Xavi health gateway.

From £25/month*

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*Subscription costs indicated are based on a single person aged 18-34.

Compare plans and see which is best for you

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Quick rate calculator

Use our Quick Quote calculator to work out your onemedifund subscription rates.

The figures displayed are for guidance purposes only and are dependent on your final application details.

Subscription rates are subject to change.

Are you a business owner/manager?
Use our Business Subscription Calculator to calculate the rates for multiple employees.

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Why choose onemedifund?

Personal and family circumstances differ so we all have our own reasons for wanting to contribute to a private healthcare scheme. One of the main benefits will undoubtedly be the freedom to choose when, where and by whom you and your family are treated.

Choose your appointment

Waiting times for a hip replacement on the NHS can be over 4 months. onemedifund allows you to choose when to have your consultation and treatment.

Choose your consultant

NHS treatment is often undertaken by junior doctors. onemedifund allows you to choose from most of the UK’s leading specialist consultants.

Choose your hospital

onemedifund allows you to choose where you want to be treated, from your local hospital to the UK’s leading private clinics.

Choose your plan

Now with the Gold, Silver and Edge plans, you can also choose your level of cover and subscription rates.

Latest benefits and services

Doctor@Hand - Online GP consultantions

Available on ALL our plans

With Doctor@Hand it’s easy for you, your family or employees to book and have a video or phone consultation with an experienced doctor, at a time that fits with their home or work commitments.

The Doctor@Hand service provides ALL onemedifund subscribers with online access to a UK based private GP via their computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Xavi Health Gateway - Health & Wellbeing portal

Available on ALL our plans

Available to ALL onemedifund subscribers, the Xavi Health Gateway is an innovative online portal packed with valuable tools and resources focusing on improving the health & wellbeing of individuals, families and employees.

Easily accessible via the website or android smartphone app, the Xavi Health Gateway has the capability to learn and respond to the choices you make and interests you highlight.

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What our subscribers say

Care I received was outstanding

I had major surgery 14 months ago and I contacted the Helpline number and explained what I needed to have done and they were willing to authorise the surgery and the stay in our local private hospital, plus the follow-up appointments as necessary. The treatment and care I received was outstanding, the service from Onemedifund first class too. Well done - keep it up. Many thanks.

Try Onemedifund - they won't let you down

A small surgical procedure was carried out with swift attention from the Onemedifund team, to provide the necessary authorisation to remove a growth from my knee that developed just 3 weeks before my baby was due! I didn't think I had a hope of it being removed in time before the child arrived, but it was even nicely healed for the occasion. Try Onemedifund - they won't let you down!

Always help and advice readily available

Onemedifund gives me peace of mind. I know that whatever condition my wife, children or I may suffer, we will have access to top medical experts and treatment quickly and there is always help and advice readily available at every step of the way.

Consultant on Friday. Gall bladder removed on following Tuesday

I reckon I had the fastest gall bladder operation. Visit to GP on Monday, referral to Nuffield on Tuesday, ultrasound scan on Wednesday, follow-up with consultant on Thursday and MRI scan, another follow-up with the consultant on Friday. Gall bladder removed on following Tuesday. Thanks to Nuffield as well, of course.

Surgery was immediate

On Christmas eve, my wife was found to have a serious condition which if not attended to, would have been a life or death situation. Having received authorisation for treatment on the Helpline, I was in a position to scour the Spire Hospital group until I found a surgeon who was prepared to operate and provide post-operative care over the holiday period. Surgery was immediate, followed by daily aftercare by the surgeon.

I could still be waiting on the NHS

I needed an operation and phoned to see if it was covered. When I discovered it was, I received authorisation codes for a consultant appointment straight away. I had the operation within the next month and physio afterwards. I had great care - I could still be waiting on the NHS!

Really simple to use

The Onemedifund scheme is really simple to use and the claims are processed quickly and efficiently.

Excellent medical plan

I have found Onemedifund very helpful - an excellent medical plan for all the family.

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onemedifund is a comprehensive private healthcare package developed specifically for our community and our employees from the wider community. The scheme provides fast access to top consultants, private hospitals, advanced diagnosis and other beneficial treatments for you and your family.